Who are we?

Who are we?re we?

Korebrands, Inc. is an independently-owned company dedicated to the sale and distribution of specialty made goods in South Korea. It started as an exclusive distributor of Lioele Cosmetic Products in the Philippines since 2014.

Korean cosmetic brands are gaining its popularity in the Philippines. Also the online market has been expanding quickly catching up the sales of offline stores.

Nowadays, a lot of Western beauty companies sourced formulations from Korea due to their superb quality. With our passion and love for Korean skin beauty products, we decided to provide a place where Korean beauty products can be easily placed and sold to customers in the Philippines. It is an Open Market web platform that provides Korean cosmetics in Korea can register and sell directly to the local customers in the Philippines. This platform, https://kocosmarket.com started in late 2018. We believe that our vendor partners (Korean cosmetic companies in Korea) will deliver a whole new level of confidence and satisfaction in our customer’s skin.

Kocosmarket will provide reasonably-priced products to customers by finding the balance between quality and price in order for everybody to fully enjoy its products.

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