Vendor FAQ (English)

Vendor FAQ (English)

Vendor FAQ (English)

Where is the Vendor registration page?

You can start selling directly to the Philippines after simple registration at, or you can register as a seller by clicking on the Seller Center at the top left-hand corner.

What are the guarantees for lost and remittance of goods sent to the Philippines?

We do not recommend sending large quantities of goods in the beginning for market testing. You can see the sales trends and increase the quantity of the products. We will provide a guarantee letter from our partner Kocos Market Korea regarding the products sent to the Philippines.

How do I send my goods to the Philippines?

Goods to be sold to the Philippines must be sent directly to the Kocos Market office in Seoul. Please contact us for more info. 

Is local inventory management, sales and payment management available online?

If you register as a seller, a separate seller page will be created. Here you can check everything in the Philippines, including inventory management, sales, payments and more. Go to Seller Center

Who is responsible for the delivery of the purchased product to the consumer?

It will be delivered directly to the consumer from the consignment warehouse through specialized shipping company contracted with Kocos Market.

What is the sales fee?

The sales commission is 12-16% when you register online. The amount sold will be transferred to the Paypal account or local bank account registered by the seller on the 15th day of each month and twice a month on the last day.

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