REVIEW: Dr. Wonder Acne Patches

[Review & Comparison] Dr. Wonder Wonder Patches VS COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Packaging: A box of 60 patches with 5 individually sealed pouches of 12 patches each. The patches are arranged in a way such that the plastic backing can be split into half to allow easy access to each patch. This is a nice touch which I really appreciate as compared to COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches, which sticks entirely to the plastic backing.

Effectiveness: I’ve tried multiple brands of acne patches: 3M Nexcare, COSRX, Apieu, CNP and I have to say these are my absolute favorite. I only came across this brand recently, seeing them for the first time in Watsons Singapore, but I only purchased them after arriving in Korea.

Out of all the brands I’ve tried, they do the best job at absorbing pus, in addition to staying on my skin pretty well. I would paste them before sleeping and they would still be stuck on my face when I wake up the next day. The pimple patches would turn from transparent to white indicating that pus has indeed been absorbed. I do have a a slight gripe though, Dr. Wonder patches would not stick on well if I applied any ointment/pimple solution on the blemish prior to sticking on the pimple patch. Sure, I am aware that the brand did advise against applying anything before patch application, but there are days where I still want some acne treatment applied since the blemish is too inflamed.

Price: 15,000 won/box of 60. It is possible to get them cheaper online though, and Olive Young occasionally has discount for these.

In Singapore, one box goes for SGD$25.90 at Watsons, which is a pretty significant markup. I’m so gonna stock up on them in Korea before I return back to Singapore.

Repurchase? Is this even a question? There’s still a couple of months before I return home, but I’ve already bought 4 more boxes. I intend to stick to this brand unless I find anything better.

Overall rating: 4.75/5. I would give it full marks for its performance, but had to deduct a little for its inability to adhere well with acne treatments underneath.

Comparison between the two brands

Stickiness: Dr. Wonder wins. They are both pretty decent stickness-wise, but with their respective weakness. COSRX doesn’t fare as well when there’s too much pus, while Dr. Wonder doesn’t fare well with ointment/acne treatment under it. However, Dr. Wonder’s issue is less problematic since acne treatment is optional and might not even be an issue for some.

Thickness AKA visibility when worn in public: Don’t judge. I know it may be weird to wear pimple patches in public, but Koreans struts around with them and no one bats an eyelid. Its commonplace for both girls and guys to stroll on the streets with these patches on. Well, even back in Singapore, I do wear them out in public occasionally. Hey, when I have to weight the benefits of having my pimple heal faster VS stares from random strangers, I would choose the former anytime. Its okay to be thick-skinned at times ?

I would recommend Dr. Wonder for those willing to spurge on pimple patches in return for better performance. I mean it may be a kind of weird product to indulge in, but as someone who uses pimple patches on a frequent basis, Dr. Wonder just makes the entire experience more enjoyable.

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