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Review // Cosrx Propolis Light Ampule

Cosrx Propolis Light Ampule is the first propolis essence I tried. It’s definitely the product which made me want to explore and discover all the other propolis essences, so popular in South Korea.

Cosrx is quite a recent brand (it was created in 2014) but it’s also one of my favourite K-Beauty skincare ranges: minimalist and chic packaging, simple but incredibly effective formulas, high-quality ingredients that are often used in short formulas to respect even the most sensitive skins, very few “filler” ingredients (no perfume, mineral oil, etc)…

In short, a brand with a rather minimalist concept but which focuses on the most important: a good formulation with great ingredients.

Moreover, a little detail that I love, the brand is not gendered at all, it’s for everybody and its mascot is even a cute little man with a mustache: the facetious Mr. RX!

The name Cosrx comes from the conjunction of two words: COSmetics + RX (an abbreviation for the word “prescription” in English). 
The brand is well known and appreciated in South Korea to offer solutions for skin “in distress”, such as sensitized, dehydrated, or acne-prone skins.

Among the brand’s best-known ingredients, you can find snail mucus, ceramides, acids, centella asiatica, hyaluronic acid… and also honey and propolis!

“Restore moisture to your skin from the inside out with the superior hydrating properties found in all-natural Bee Propolis. Formulated with 60% Propolis Extract, the antibiotic and antifungal benefits help to protect and purify the skin, while also keeping it conditioned and calm. Dry, or irritated skin is instantly replenished to leave you with a bee-autifully brighter and radiant skin tone.”


– the simple but effective formula with many great ingredients for the skin,
– the short and simple formula, well adapted to sensitive skin,
– the moisturizing and soothing effect without being greasy at all,
– the effective re-balancing effect.


– the bottle is small (20ml) so it empties quite quickly (it lasts me 2 1/2 months maximum),
– the brand is not always easy to find depending on where you live (I would love to see Cosrx more widely distributed worldwide. If there is one K-Beauty brand that has a great potential for success, it definitely is this one! Please, Cosrx, make it happen! 😉 ).



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